Expanding the scope of our service and care?


Currently, ReNV aims to better the lives of individuals through fitness-- increasing adherence, confidence, and self-efficacy. ReNV will continue to expand its virtual and personal training services throughout the U.S., but we will always strive to maintain a local, yet professional, feel. 



We believe in growth and self-betterment in all areas of life... finding balance, flow, and joy in the lives we lead and those around us.


Your body is just a part of the big picture-- a vessel. Although your body is only the tip of the iceberg, in terms of who you are as a person, a healthy and fit body are the base and structure for a healthy, enjoyable life. 

ReNV's mission is to develop the whole person. If we pumped people through our programs and they came out on the other end with bigger muscles, less fat, a better body, and nothing else, then we would have FAILED in our mission and service to you. We want you to leave loving the people and purpose of ReNV. Our mission is simple: Helping people build a healthier body, supported by an A-Team community, to attain a more balanced, wholesome, and enjoyable lifestyle.

Having progressed mentally, physically, and spiritually, we want you to leave with the confidence and self-efficacy that you are entitled to.

Fitness is just the medium in which we teach people what it means to become and feel whole.


Josh Rahman

Jason H.

Uve B.

Kiara Rubi

"Came back into working out 2 months after having a baby. Ed made me feel confident in myself again and taught me a new craft which I absolutely love - Kickboxing!!!
Such a pleasure to work with."

"ReNV is amazing at helping you attack those trouble areas that otherwise -don’t seem to be changing. I was so frustrated that my at-home workouts were not challenging me anymore, it was discouraging because results were little to none. After starting with ReNV , it helped me build my confidence, stamina, and over all health- giving me positive results quick!"


"Working with Eddie is awesome. There is always a chill atmosphere when working with him, but he will definitely put you to work (in a good way). During my time working with him, i noticed that he seemed to have a good eye for evaluating what level you are at. Then trying to elevate you to the next level. I've also seen him working with others and he is definitely a promoter of positivity. I recommend ReNV fitness."

".... killer workout plan to stay fit during quarantine! ... very responsive and flexible to meet your fitness goals."

Shannon K.

"... an amazing trainer! My son Noah did some boxing with him and with my son being autistic he needs a little extra patience and coaching. Well Eddie rose to the challenge; not only was Noah given a kick butt workout but he was shown proper technique and form. He always looked forward to his workouts with Eddie. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a great workout from a great guy!"

"The trainer is very friendly and kind to teach every single workout. And explaining all routine in detail. Best session ever had!!!!"

Meet The Team

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Eddie Hogan,


Cornell University B.S.

ILR & Business

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Eddie's journey with ReNV started and continues out of a passion for fitness and helping people. Born in Chicago,IL, Eddie was placed into foster care. After a troubling start, blessings in the form of a loving family, and a combination of opportunities, hard lessons, and hard work, Eddie found himself lucky enough to start "ReNV Fitness". Modeling the training experience after his personal journey of internal and external growth, Eddie values first and foremost to share the passion and life-changing capabilities of fitness with others. 

Noel. Cherry G Fitness. Profile pic2.PNG

Founder CGF



Certified Master Trainer

ReNV Partner | Head Trainer

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A certified Master Trainer with a breadth of knowledge on ergonomics, corrective exercise, strength training, metabolic conditioning and countless more, Noel  has the ability to help virtually anyone get to their goal safely and efficiently. Specializing in weight-loss and lean muscle mass building. As both the founder of Cherry G Fitness and a mother of two, Noel brings a genuine, tough but loving, strict but understanding, no BS atmosphere to the team and to those lucky enough to workout with her.


nutrition cONS.

Emma Bennett,

Cornell University B.S. 

Nutritional Science

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Emma, an aspiring doctor and CU Nutrition and Science B.S. Candidate, has had a background in fitness starting from a young age. Competing in sports from little leagues through college, Emma embraces and advocates an active lifestyle. Though her love for sports and competitive nature has been with her from a young age, her interest in nutrition and it's role in fitness developed as her eyes set on a career as a doctor. Her passion for health and helping others has made her an impeccable part of the ReNV Family as a Partner and Consultant.